Non-stop partay in Malawi!

nonstop partay

Non-stop partay in Malawi!!

Wish the plane trip we are about to take was non-stop! haha!

I can’t believe yesterday morning we were riding in the back of a 4×4 out of Ncondesee and heading to Cobue on a slow boat trip back to Nkwichi. nonstop partayWe had to pack quickly to prepare for our 4 day plane excursion home. Tonight, we had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Malcolm and Christine from Nkwichi who not only happened to be on the same plane from Likoma to Lilongwe, but also are staying in the same hotel! We walked down dark Malawi city streets to eat a spicy spicy Indian dinner. It felt a bit sketchy, but then this whole adventure has stretched me to feel normal in some of the most unfamiliar settings.

Malcolm and ChristineIt helps to have people one knows who share places of interest. I doubt we would have ventured beyond the safety of the hotel if Malcolm and Christine hadn’t been to this restaurant before. Tomorrow, we fly from Lilongwe to Blantyre to Addis Ababba to Rome to DC to SF. Whew!!!

It is about 10:40pm in Malawi and there is a band starting up someplace in the hotel… should be an interesting night. At least we can lay down for a few hours before sitting up for many hours. 🙂


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