We’re going live to announce Big Life! Song and Video Release

Announcing Big Life! Song and Video Release!

We are so excited to announce the release of “Big Life!” a song which has been in the works for 6 years!

Beth and I will be LIVE! on Facebook Saturday, July 21 11am (PST) to visit with you and tell you some other exciting news! Join us live if you can, but if you’re not able to- the video will be available for viewing anytime after that on my stephenbigger.com facebook page.

I wrote “Big Life!” in 2010 before our first trip to Nicaragua to meet our World Vision child Ismara. I didn’t want to write “you gotta do this” kind of song. It needed to be a “I wanna do THIS” kind of song because I have this desire to make a difference with my music. Not just a theory of making positive change, but to actually DO something with the song that could make a difference.

So we’re using “Big Life!” to introduce our Patreon page which invites our friends and family to partner with us in bringing musical education programs and equipment to places like Nicaragua, Mozambique, and Malawi. As support increases we’ll be able to expand our activities to donating needed equipment and instruments to communities with limited resources. There is also the hope that in doing this we will uncover new artists who might never be discovered! What would it mean to a songwriter from the Manda Wilderness of Mozambique or the Province of Leon, Nicaragua? I can tell you from personal experience- there are many undiscovered talents in those and other areas of the globe!

On our last trip to Nicaragua (we’ve been twice) we learned how affordable it is to pay full time teachers there. So we got the vision to build a Patreon partnership in order to raise funds for musical programs and support in a growing number of places throughout the world. There’s so much more we can do with partners who share our vision for music education and opportunities for people in remote areas, so stay tuned for updates on what’s happening!

So we’re using the Big Life! Song and Video Release to make a significant positive change everywhere we can.

As always, THANK YOU for listening and working with us to make music for your world!


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