Worship at the Well

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Are you thirsty for more life?
More peace? More joy? More hope?
Whatever you need…

Come to the well!

The story of the woman at the well tells us many things about who Jesus is. We know from their conversation that Living Water is available to those who will worship God in spirit and in truth. He desires our hearts and minds to be fixed on Him. He wants us to love Him like He loves us. Deeply and intimately.

How do we get this “living water”?
When we surrender in humility, and consider the posture of our hearts we find freedom and deliverance! And safety! And everything for our good! The resources of Jesus’ love are endless, freely flowing, and it never runs dry.

The deeper you go in worship to Jesus the more you will find. As you read this and worship with us, we pray you will be set free of every hinderance and every infirmity in the name of Jesus!

So, Come to the well!

Our Heavenly Father is offering a drink of living water from the well of resurrection life!
By the blood of Jesus we are reconciled to the Eternal One! Come to the well and join in worship with One voice and one spirit! Hallelujah ! Amen!

We invite intercessors and worshippers to join us in bringing the message of Jesus’ Living Water to those seeking hope outside the walls and into “all the world…

We want to rend the heavens for a move of God in our city of Santa Cruz, in California, and throughout the world! By God’s grace!

The Well Project

We’re digging a well in Uganda to put our faith into action!

Find out more about The Well Project!

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