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Sheet Music Packet Community Choir and Orchestra by Stephen Bigger



YaLaLey is a celebration, the words imply “woohoo!”

This SAATTBB arrangement may be performed by 3 men and 3 women’s voices in a variety of settings – from a cappella voices only (with small adaptation for the musical breaks- instrumental parts may be represented by vocal treatment) to vocals with drums, vocals with piano, and on up to full orchestration.

Perfect as a concert opener or finale, the energy generated from this piece makes it a versatile inclusion in standard repertoire for choirs who want to be challenged musically but have a lot of fun in the process. It can be a quick learn to master the basics, but developing the finer points, swoops, stomps, and vocal noises will give the most insatiable musical appetite something on which to delight their (and their audiences’) aural appetite.

Performance Notes

Singers, make sure to separate the vowels “o ay ki la m tu ku im ba ku im ba” and refrain from singing “oyay”. Use a percussive, staccato style of singing unless otherwise noted.
For the “swoops” singers should start before the beat to give time for the movement of the scoop. Sing like you are picking up a handful of dirt with each motif.

In case of performing the piece with voices only, instrumental leads may be sung by a solo voice. Percussion may be assigned to a small group of singers or one “beatbox” vocalist.

For custom arrangements of this piece, part-predominant rehearsal tracks and other materials visit:

YaLaLey Lyrics

© 2011 Stephen L Bigger

O-ay ki-la m-tu
Hey everybody!

Kila mtu anacheka
Everyone is laughing

Kila mtu ni upendo!
Everyone is loving

Kusi-kil-iza kuimba kwetu
Listen to our singing!

Tuko hapa ku-toa
We are here to provide

Ji-oni ya muziki na ki-che-ko
An evening of music and laughter

O-ay ki-la m-tu Hey everybody!
O-O ay ki-la m-tu kuimba
Hey everybody sing!

Ya La Ley! Ya La Ley!

U-si-ku ni wa mi-le-le bila upendo
The night is eternal without love

Lakini al-faj-iri fika na tabasamu
But the dawn arrives with a smile

Wakati tuna ku-shi-ki-lia kila mtu karibu
When we hold someone near

Na tuna kiss giza mbali
And we kiss the darkness away

Ya La Ley! Ya La Ley!

YaLaLay Perusal Score



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