truck ride home

Well, I guess I have ridden my share of jumpy horses, but the Shappa trruck/bus is about the roughest rides I have ever had. But, after seeing the trail we took over the mountains, I am grateful for not having to walk that with our packs. To top it all off, Beth and I were allowed the luxury of riding up front while everyone else rode standing up in the back. I promised myself I would jump in the back next time, but as it turns out, we will be getting a ride from an American explorer who happened to be in Ncondesee mapping the territory. Now, instead of walking back the 2 and a half hours back to the crossroads where we would get a ride to Cobue, we will ride in his pickup.truck view

We will visit the agricultural project farm here and then go to church in the room in which we recorded the choir yesterday.

The recording training went very well. The choir worked very hard most of the day. Our original plan was to record the audio and some video in the sanctuary and then move outside, but it was too overcast. So we started in the school yard.

The choir first wanted to meet with Lily and Joseph to ask questions about the contest so Richard and I went to setup. After an hour or so, we started to wonder what was happening. Evidently people were getting spiffed up for the video. We heard them singing over by the church and realized they were processing to the schoolyard to surprise me. Mission accomplished! It was so beautiful to see them coming towards us, singing and smiling! You will have to wait to see the video, but I guarantee it will be worth the wait!ncondesse choir

Everything went smoothly and as I expected, complete with having to keep the onlookers from coughing while we were recording. Joseph helped to keep the peace. It was a marvelous day!


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