Allegra Wakest

When I found Stephen L. Bigger of Rock Arbor Music, all I brought with me were files containing a guitar track & some pretty rough vocals, but Stephen somehow saw/heard my vision. He “got it” right away. We made a full album of original songs, and he is a master when it comes to mixing! Did I mention how patient and attentive he is? This cannot be underestimated. Many people will phone it in. They will smile and push the fader up and down, but they will not be fully engaged. I don’t think Stephen is capable of this. He really cared about the project. He also has a complex grasp of the voice, what it’s capable of, what the vocalist needs to work on to “get it there”… He helped me with stuff I had been doing for years, bad habits I wasn’t even aware of. Having a “built-in” vocal coach is a plus! In addition, he was so present in every moment, wanting to “make it right” and he delivered in every way. He lined up spectacular studio musicians as well, who really fit perfectly with my sound. I really can’t say enough about Stephen’s input and dedication to my album, Born of Ashes. He went way above and beyond what I expected. He is top notch, a true pro and a gentleman with a great sense of humor. If it were up to me, I’d give him an award. Thank you so much!!!

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