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Do you watch The Voice, American Idol, or any number of performance reality shows? Have you wondered what it would be like to have the same professional, personal attention, and consideration on your side? If you are serious about the most upfront and important feature of your music, then you CAN have that, but only YOU can take the steps to get to the next level. Many great coaches are centered around major music markets like LA or Nashville, but they can be very expensive and take a limited number of clients. It is a challenge, but yet finding the right coach is critical to your success.

If you’re serious about your voice and are looking for a coach, no matter where you are- let’s talk about what you are wanting to achieve. I’m active in on-location, and Skype-based sessions working to assist vocalists, songwriters, and artists in the recording studio. There are so many benefits to having an intentional program for your voice.

You know that singing correctly requires employing proper technique, and yet communicating effectively is the goal. Every singer, no matter how gifted does benefit from help with presentation, communication, and interaction with the audience (live or on your latest recording).

If you are dedicated to your craft you already know all the reasons for being the best you can be. The best artists in the world have studio coaches or producers. You could really benefit from that kind of focus and attention, right?

A few years ago I was fortunate to get to see one of Whitney Houston’s vocal sheets from a session. The techniques, inflections, phrasings, and riffs were notated, and it was clear she had a coach working with her on all the nuances of the recording. If an amazing singer like Whitney used a coach to get the most out of her instrument, then it stands to reason that you could benefit with one as well. This is true even if you are a vocal teacher, professional singer, or a hit recording artist. A second opinion, a fresh perspective, and an encouraging coach is essential to making sure your message gets through.

Right up front- I don’t work with just anyone. It has to be a good fit. I have worked with some amazing singers over the years: Cissy (Kimolyn) Gilbert, Tammi Brown, (Grammy nominated Singer/Writer) Alysha Antonino, Bryan Dyer (artist/singer with Huey Lewis and others) to get their very best in studio sessions. Every one of these singers is a world class artist in their own right. And yet any one of those singers would recommend me for helping you do your very best on your next project.

My specialty is vocal assistance for your recording project, preparations for your upcoming performance, or ongoing coaching to help you get the most out of your musical experiences and career. I am available for sessions in your home, in the studio of your choice, or via Skype.

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