Stephen invited me and my son Jack to record some vocals for one of his compositions. Stephen knows what he wants, and he knew how to describe it to us, and he didn’t move on until we had given our best performance. If that sounds a little demanding, well it was, but in the best possible way. Strong musicians have a good ear, right? But unless you have spent years in a studio, you probably don’t have a “studio” ear. What impressed me about Stephen was how he could hear every nuance in the moment. Not a lot of time wasted on playbacks and debate. I think we achieved a higher quality over a shorter period of time because Stephen knew what he wanted and he was able to hear what was happening and describe back to us how to improve it. He was very positive and encouraging throughout the process. He has great studio tools and he managed all the technology effortlessly. Another thing I liked was how he kept us focused on what we were attempting to communicate. It was a demanding session, but I left feeling like it was work that I will always be proud of.

Dan Wilkins

Music Director, Singer, Musician