Get Thee to a Coach and Off the Couch!

Take your career to the next level!

Are you stuck at your current success level? Do you feel like you need some encouragement or guidance to keep moving forward? Welcome to humanity! Almost every single artist reaches the saturation point of inspiration and motivation from time to time.

Well… if this is you- don’t be discouraged! But remember- you need to make a difference in your own life and career before you can effect change in anyone else’s life. At crucial points in your path, a coach or teacher becomes critical for achieving your goals. Take a class, get a mentor, a coach, a teacher, a professional second opinion, or simply an outside perspective on your skill and mindset. It has been said- you quit or succeed all between your own ears. That is especially true in music!

There are so many options available to you in your own local area, but also now with Skype and online access the world can be yours to conquer! Take a minute to assess your current state of mind. Are you feeling stuck or frustrated? Sometimes, the most simple encouragement can launch you a fresh initiative, not just professionally, but also personally. Seek someone in your sphere of influence as a resource or reference to find a person who can help you. There’s no shame in seeking guidance, as a matter of fact, almost every single successful musician I know has a coach or mentor, or at least a support system.

Make a difference today! Increase your skill and reach your dreams! You can do it!

Stephen L. Bigger- Producer, Composer, Educator, Musical Explorer

A note about the author: Stephen has been full-time in the music industry for over 20 years as a staff producer in Nashville, TN and produced over 1500 songs on music row. As a freelance producer he has produced pop, rock, classical (choir and orchestra), world music, americana, folk, worship music, and even hip-hop.

Stephen uses ProTools HD 10, Reason, Finale, and other equipment to get the job done at the highest level of quality currently available. He is flexible with his rates in order to tailor the project budget to meet your needs. You can record 32 tracks live if you want in your own rehearsal space, the venue of your choice, or here in the studio.

Vocal lessons, Music Theory, Songwriting lessons, Private Tutoring

Increase the skill, range, and quality of your voice, your songwriting, music theory, or music production in your home or Stephen’s studio. Rates can be flexible to your budget.


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