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Product Update Report

So excited to tell you about my most recent Celtic World Choir release! After several years of slow going in the studio- ‚ÄúRejoice!‚Äù is now complete. This is the most recent performance, recording, and sheet music packet designed for choirs who want to program a wide range of World Music. Rejoice! is a modern Celtic piece based on the Gregorian Chant ‚ÄúVeni, Veni, Immanuel‚Äù with the choice of new, original text, Gaelic (with phonetics), or conductor’s choice of original verses. The sheet music packet includes all charts for choir, piano, and orchestra as well as performance track. A Piano/Vocal only version is also available for performance without orchestra. Please visit the store for a full description, recordings, downloads, and a Full Score Perusal Video.


We are in process of completely revamping the website and store to be more easily accessible, load faster, and give you an overall better interface. Many thanks to Brian Kelly of who is programming and designing the new site. Brian works in the Nashville area and is an amazing audio engineer, musician, and technical genius (as far as I am concerned). Thank you Brian for your help and vision!

SUBSCRIBE AND GET A FREE DOWNLOAD! now offers free downloads to new subscribers. Choir folks may want to download the FREE sheet music of “Rejoice! Introit” pdf. Or, if you love quiet instrumental music- you may download the entire “Sanctuary” MP3 collection for FREE. I want to get to know YOU, so please feel free to email me and tell me what music you are listening to, what your choir loves, or maybe what pieces seemed to really connect with your audience in your last performance. SUBSCRIBE to get monthly updates and free stuff from


We are changing the pricing system for all my original sheet music to allow you to purchase either one pdf (single use only, no copies please) or a packet for choirs up to 100 voices. This is how many composers and publishers are listing their works and I think it is the best. Please note all my works are sold on the HONOR SYSTEM. Thank you for understanding this is how I make my living.


A chance to sing on a world-wide release, that’s what’s next!

Production has been started on my next piece “World of Many Colors”, an exploration of Middle Eastern sounds, scales, instruments, and voices. There is a very nice round/canon in the final chorus which the Santa Cruz World Choir performed live in a choir flash mob in Santa Cruz. This piece works great performed A cappella or with full orchestration. “World of Many Colors” is the third piece in my “World Choir Collection” along with “YaLaLey” (Swahili) and the most recent release “Rejoice” (Celtic).

Any choir who may be interested in being a part of this project- please contact me asap. We will be recording this piece (and videotaping) with many ensembles, singers, and choirs, since global collaboration is what this composition is all about. If you have seen any of the videos from “Music For Change” you already know what we are going for in this production. Want to be a part of something epic? Contact me!

Here are the lyrics from “World of Many Colors” to whet your appetite:

The world is a coat of many colors- every facet of the rainbow.
The prism always changes but the light remains the same,
Many colors, many shadows are we.

Hear the song we sing, we are dancing even as we fly
on the wings of hope, eternal as the sky.

Let your voice ring out with the others running on the wind
for the Spirit lives in side of ev’ry heart.


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