Manda Wilderness Choir Videos

Manda Wilderness Choir Videos

Manda Wilderness Choir Videos

Ncondesse Village Choir

Location: Manda Wilderness, Mozambique Africa
Event: The Manda Wilderness Choir Festival
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We are so excited to announce the world premiere release of the videos from Ncondesse Village Choir from Mozambique, Africa!

In July and August of 2014, Beth and I travelled to Mozambique to participate in the Manda Wilderness Choir Festival. I served as one of the adjudicators for the contest and had the privilege of providing one of the prizes- a video project for one of the village choirs. We took video and audio recording equipment and a media team to Ncondesse Village where we spent several days recording 2 songs and training the team to be able to record more songs. Several months later after Beth and I had already returned home the media team travelled back to Ncondesse and recorded 2 more songs.

Stephen Bigger and JaimeHere is the first of the videos we produced. We’re so pleased to present this world premiere of Ncondesse Village and Choirmaster/composer Jaime Chimpanga’s very own original choral music!

Over the next several weeks we will be posting more Ncondesse Village Choir videos as well as the complete 2014 Choir Festival. Stay tuned for updates and more exciting posts from Mozambique and other choirs all over the world!

The Manda Wilderness Community Trust holds this annual event which brings the 16 communities of the Manda Wilderness region together. Twelve choirs comprising 20 enthusiastic Nyanja voices each compete in an evening of joyful celebration.

The Manda Wilderness Community Trust is seeking funding to deliver musical training and organize a choir festival to share the joy of music across 16 Nyanja villages. Please donate to the Manda Wilderness Community Trust at the donate link. Donate:

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