About Stephen Bigger

My name is Stephen Bigger. I am a composer, performer, and music producer who owns and operates RockArbor Music (ASCAP) Recording in Santa Cruz, CA. With a catalog of original multi-media works in a variety of genres I’m currently composing musical scores for film and television shows like American Pickers, Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet. In 1992 I received an ASCAP Music Award for my song “Shake This World” which appears on two different musical tributes to Martin Luther King Jr.

I have been full time in the music industry for over 20 years as a staff producer in Nashville, TN and produced over 1500 songs on music row in my time there receiving several national ADDYs for my commercial music. As a freelance producer I have recorded pop, rock, world music, americana, folk, gospel, and the blues.

My background as a music and technology teacher, choir director, worship pastor, and creative arts program director has given me the opportunity to build teams and connections in a variety of projects and presentations. For a current resume, job experience, full project list, and references please email info@stephenbigger.com.

Specialties Include

Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles, Composition, Production, and Directing Performance Events, Audio, Performance Coaching, Directing, ProToolsHD Recording, Finale, Sibelius, Macintosh, Multimedia, Project Management, Live Recording, Music Typesetting, Orchestration, Arranging, Blogging, Vlogging, Music Theory, WordPress, DVD production, Editing, Filemaker Pro, Film Production, Final Cut Pro, Choral and Vocal Conducting.



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James Jurado
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Heather Christie
Having worked with Stephen in the studio on several occasions, I have come to know and expect his attention to detail regarding not only the recording itself, but the vocal technique needed to make a vocal track stand out above...read more
Rhan Wilson
I've worked with Stephen in live performances and studio settings over ten years and have watched him get fine performances out of a wide range of singers and instrumentalists. He's very good at creating an environment that brings out the...read more
Kurt Ribak
Stephen invited me and my son Jack to record some vocals for one of his compositions. Stephen knows what he wants, and he knew how to describe it to us, and he didn't move on until we had given our...read more
Dan Wilkins
As a music student working towards my degree in voice, I can confidently say that Stephen is the most enthusiastic and visionary teacher I have worked with. He has an intensive musical background and is very knowledgeable in the study...read more
Vanessa Yearsley
I've had the pleasure of working with Stephen on some of his original compositions. He has a keen ear for tone, pitch and blend. He also works quickly which is great! We managed to double-track 4 part harmonies on several...read more
Bryan Dyer
Having worked with Stephen Bigger on numerous concert and recording projects in a wide variety of musical styles, I know him to be a profoundly knowledgable and inspired/inspiring musician/teacher. His command of music and recording technology is second to none....read more
Terrel Eaton
Stephen is an incredible songwriter, producer, and musician. I've worked with him as a vocalist both live and in the studio. The outcome is always awesome. For studio performance, Stephen has an exceptional ear for vocals and the expertise to bring...read more
Cissy Crutcher
When I found Stephen L. Bigger of Rock Arbor Music, all I brought with me were files containing a guitar track & some pretty rough vocals, but Stephen somehow saw/heard my vision. He "got it" right away. We made a...read more
Allegra Wakest
It was great working with Stephen. His studio is impressive, and set in a relaxed atmosphere. He is a good listener, and easy to work with. He is a musician, so he has a good ear for music. This helps...read more