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Big Life

Sheet Music, Recordings,
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African Choir, Orchestra,
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Celtic Choir, Piano, and
Orchestra Arrangement

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About Stephen Bigger

Stephen Bigger is a musical explorer, composer, and producer working to build global and cross-cultural bridges between the Ancient and the Modern. Stephen specializes in providing original world music utilizing cross-cultural choral and orchestral collaborations.

Stephen is active in Skype-based coaching sessions including performance, vocal, songwriting, music theory, career, music team building, and artist motivational consultation. Virtual workshops and sessions in choral settings are exciting and effective ways to increase a team or choir’s skill.

The Rock Arbor Music catalog consists of original multi-media works in a variety of global genres from Stephen and a select few writers and artists. Rock Arbor Music features world vocal, choral repertoire with upbeat, positive, accessible, inspiring content and harmonies, yet musically challenging even for the most seasoned voice or instrumentalist.

Specialties Include

Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles, Composition, Production, and Directing Performance Events, Audio, Performance Coaching, Directing, ProToolsHD Recording, Finale, Sibelius, Macintosh, Multimedia, Project Management, Live Recording, Music Typesetting, Orchestration, Arranging, Blogging, Vlogging, Music Theory, WordPress, DVD production, Editing, Filemaker Pro, Film Production, Final Cut Pro, Choral and Vocal Conducting, Motivational and inspiring content.

Stephen Bigger

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We’re going live to announce Big Life! Song and Video Release

Announcing Big Life! Song and Video Release! We are so excited to announce the release of “Big Life!” a song which has been in the works for 6 years! Beth and I will be LIVE! on Facebook Saturday, July 21 11am (PST) to visit with you and tell you some other exciting news! Join us live if you can, but if you’re not able to-…

Stephen Plays with The Brave Mystics

Brave Mystics Band Performs at Henfling’s Tavern, July 4th 2:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Vocal Directors- the freight train keeps rolling

Vocal Directors- the freight train keeps rolling!  The season is over, time for a new season. We love it or hate it, but that’s our job, right? As choir directors we are all much too familiar with the ongoing freight-train responsibility of finding new works for the next season. As each concert comes to a close many of us halfway dread the looming task of…


  • Two years ago I decided to professionally record 6 of my songs. I got a recommendation from a friend of mine named Dave Burns about a producer he had recently worked with to record an album by the name more
    James Jurado
    James Jurado
  • Though I have been singing since age 9 in lessons and onstage, working with Stephen in the past year has really launched me to the next level, and helped immensely in the pursuit of my music career. His lessons, more
    Heather Christie
    Heather Christie
  • Having worked with Stephen in the studio on several occasions, I have come to know and expect his attention to detail regarding not only the recording itself, but the vocal technique needed to make a vocal track stand out more
    Rhan Wilson
    Rhan Wilson

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